Click Fraud Audit For Publishers

The Challenge: Validating Click Quality

The PPC advertising industry is filled with uncertainty because of click fraud and a lack of standard business practices and definitions in its detection and measurement. Click fraud, left unchecked, drives advertisers away and compromises PPC providers' credibility and trust. As a PPC provider, you are responsible for delivering quality traffic and proving that clicks charged to advertisers are valid.

The Solution: Clicklab Click Fraud Audit

The Clicklab Click Fraud Audit is the original authoritative audit statement of Potential Click Fraud (PCF) levels across your PPC network.

Features & Benefits

  • Prove that the clicks charged to advertisers are valid using independent third-party data
  • Build advertiser loyalty and trust
  • Differentiate from competition and build goodwill in the marketplace
  • Identify and suspend unscrupulous affiliates and traffic partners
  • Use Clicklab Audit Statement and Seal on your website, marketing collateral, and press releases

To discuss how Clicklab Click Fraud Audit can help you increase market share and drive PPC revenues, contact sales or call us at 888-841-3342.