Click Fraud Audit for Advertisers

The Challenge: Detecting and Documenting Click Fraud

Click fraud is a serious problem that can undermine your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts. PPC providers are understandably reluctant to share click fraud data, and circumstantial evidence, such as poor conversion rates, is not accepted as a basis for refunds. As a PPC advertiser, you need the peace of mind and evidence that comes from reliable click fraud detection and documentation.

The Solution: Clicklab Click Fraud Audit

The Clicklab Click Fraud Audit is the original authoritative audit statement of Potential Click Fraud (PCF) levels for all of your PPC traffic sources and campaigns.

Features & Benefits

  • Determine the extent to which potential click fraud (PCF) is adding cost and undermining the effectiveness of their PPC campaigns
  • Determine which sites, keywords, and/or PPC providers are experiencing higher levels of PCF, enabling potential tactical changes to your advertising strategies
  • Re-capture a portion of advertising expenditures that have been consumed by click fraud; thereby enabling re-investment and improved ROI
  • Audit new or existing PPC campaigns and traffic sources
  • Enable PPC providers to access PCF data securely and confidentially online

To discuss how Clicklab Click Fraud Audit can help you increase PPC advertising effectiveness and negotiate refunds, contact sales or call 888-841-3342.